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World Water Week 2019: retailers like Gap, IKEA call for protection of water resources

release time:2019-12-10

On June 15th, the 8th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research, co-sponsored by the International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research (ICWRER), Hohai University and Nanjing Institute of Water Resources Held in our school. Academician Xia Jun of Wuhan University, Academician Vijay P. Singh of Texas A & M University, Academician Zhang Jianyun of Nanjing Institute of Water Resources and Academician Xu Chongyu of Oslo University were invited to give keynote speeches. Mr. Xu Hui, President of Hohai University, and Professor Keith W. Hipel, founder of ICWRER, both members of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and foreign member of the National Academy of Engineering, delivered speeches. Academician Hu Wenrui, Director of the Engineering Management Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Liu He, Deputy Chief Engineer of the China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, Academician Slobodan Simonovic of the University of Western Ontario, Canada, Director Wang Dianchang of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China Three Gorges Group, Chairman of the Chinese Hydroelectric Engineering Society Zhang Ye, Water Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Resources Research Ximing Cai, Deputy Director of Liu Yongfeng, Journal Committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, Editor of IJERPH Wang Xueyun, Editor of Yin Kedong of Marine Economics and Management, and Editor of Water Science and Engineering Yu Zhongbo attended the forum. Vice President Xu Weiya chaired the conference and presided over the opening ceremony of the conference, and Professor Wang Huimin acted as the chair of the conference.


The keynote speech of the conference focused on water resources research in the context of climate and economic and social change. Academician Xia Jun gave a report entitled IAHS Panta Rhei and Case Studies on Climate Change & Urban Water in China, and Academician Vijay P. Singh gave a presentation entitled Copula-Entropy. Report for Theory for Multivariate Stochastic Modeling in Water Engineering, academician Zhang Jianyun made a report entitled Water Resource Management in the Context of Climate Change, and academician Xu Chongyu made a report titled Water Resources Management in a Changing World. The conference held keynote forums around two topics: responsible water resources development and how to publish works in academic journals. Professor Yu Zhongbo and Academician Fang Liping chaired the two forums respectively.

The conference aims to build a high-level dialogue platform for water resources and environmental research, share experience and wisdom, and build consensus, and provide China's water resources and environmental research institutions with an effective way to showcase themselves and learn advanced experiences, as well as water resources and the environment. High-level research institutions closely observe and understand China's water resources and environmental research and create opportunities to promote enhanced exchanges between the two sides, promote joint research on major water resources issues, and jointly address common challenges such as climate change. Nearly 300 experts and scholars from the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, Japan and other countries at home and abroad participated in the conference.

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