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What is the working principle and operating status of the fiber rotary filter?

release time:2019-12-10


Condition of the fiber disc filter: filtration, backwashing and drainage of sludge. Filtration: Outside, gravity sewage flows into the filter, so that the weir in the touch pond is equipped with a weir to make the water in the filter even and broken. Wastewater is filtered through a filter cloth. After the filter is collected through an empty pipe, it is discharged from the weir filter. During the cleaning process, the filter is still in progress. Therefore, the entire filtration process is continuous.

Cleaning of the fiber rotary disc filter: The gardenia of the filter part adsorbs the fiber fleece filter cloth and gradually forms a silt layer. As the sludge accumulates on the fabric, the filtration resistance of the filter cloth increases, and the water level gradually rises. The optical fiber leaf filter and pressure sensor can monitor the change of the liquid level in the pool to reach the set value of the liquid cleaning level in the pool ( Water level), the pump will start to reverse and start the cleaning process. Adjustable backwash time and cycle. The sludge on the cloth is sanitized and cleaned by the reverse suction device and discharged by the backwash water pump, and the filter can be continuously filtered. In the filtration filter, the turntable is stationary, which is good for bottom sludge. During the cleaning process, at the surface of 0.5 ~ 1 RPM backwash pump suction filter cloth, the filter turntable rotates, the filter cloth is accumulated by particles and sludge, and the filtered water will be pumped in the turntable at the same time. The flushing area only accounts for 1% of the total area, and the reverse process of the leaf filter is intermittent. The filter fiber has a turntable turntable bucket to form the bottom of the pond, which is useful for collecting sludge at the bottom of the pond.

The lower sludge sedimentation tank in the fiber rotary disc filter reduces the amount of sludge on the filter cloth, which can extend the time of the filter and reduce the backwater within the set time.The PLC starts the sludge pump. Back to the plant drainage system, in which the sludge discharge time and sludge discharge can be adjusted, novel design and impact load: vertical design touch combination filter and sedimentation tank, sludge and sludge directly enter the shape of the tank bottom tank. At the same time, the fiber turntable filter has multiple sets of backwashing combinations. The combination of the two is a plurality of sets of turntable backwashing and filtering fibers. The combination of these two fiber leaf filters is more resistant to the effects of high concentrations of floating matter and large amounts of water.

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