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Occupation:Customer Representative (Female) Address:Hangzhou Num:1 Release:2020-03-19

Job Responsibilities:

1. Visit customers through the Internet and telephone, collect customer information, prepare files, and transfer valuable information to the sales department;

2. Company website maintenance, online sales, pay attention to the bidding website, and assist the sales department in preparing bidding related documents;

3. Establish and maintain good customer relationships and provide good customer service;

4. Work closely with the after-sales department to ensure that customers get high-quality after-sales service.


1. College degree or above, priority is given to sewage treatment, textile, environmental protection related engineering;

2. Persons with relevant work experience such as customer commissioner, customer service, customer representative are preferred;

3. Skilled in using office software and good communication skills;

4. Actively learn and have a good team spirit.

5. Sound affinity and good professional ethics;

Salary model:

Base salary + commission

National Free Service Hotline

400-699 6882